• Handbook For Ceramic Tile Installation.pdf 1

    Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation.pdf 1


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    Handbook For Ceramic Tile Installation.pdf 1


    Step 7: Close the crimp tool’s jaws completelyFor sweat or threaded type PEX fittings, the transition part must always be connected first (also cooled off, if it is a sweat connection)The process of installing PEX tubing installation with a crimp method is the same for both Oxygen Barrier PEX tubing and Non-Barrier PEX typesThis way the crimp ring will be right above the PEX fitting’s barbsThe image below shows a connection which gauges properlyNo other connection method gives you such an option


    Step 1: Cut the PEX tubingConnection is completeCrimp connection method is particularly popular among DIY'ers because of the ability to check a completed connection with a go-no-go gaugeStep 4: Position the PEX crimp ring 1/4”-1/8” from the end of the tubingStep 1: Using PEX cutter, cut off the section of PEX tubing with the fittingStep 5: Open the PEX crimp tool’s jawsIf a connection does not gauge, or it was done improperly, a decrimper tool should be used to remove the crimp ring:For the PXT3101 model, the “--” position is for 1/2" PEX, “+-” position if for 3/4" and 1” PEXThe ring will split


    The PEX crimp ring will fully split in half, making it easy to remove it by handStep 6: Close the decrimper’s jaws completelyFor actual installation instructions, refer to manufacturer's manualTry to make the cut as close to the end of the fitting as possible without scratching it or damaging the cutterStep 3: Fully insert the PEX fitting into the PEX tubing so that the fitting’s shoulder touches the tubingThis article is for informative purposes onlyIn both examples below, connection was done improperly and must be redone after removing the crimp ring and re-calibrating the toolStep 8: Check the connection with a go-no-go gauge


    How to install PEX tubing - making a crimp connectionStep 7: Rotate the piece 180 degrees and repeat Step 5PEX crimp connection method described in this tutorial is suitable for all types (A,B,C) of PEX tubing, regardless of brand or colorMake sure that jaws of the tool are centered over the crimp ring and it stays in placeStep 2: Open the jaws of the decrimping toolStep 5: Insert the decrimping tool into the cut-off section as shown


    Typically, both crimp fittings and crimp rings are available in sizes 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 1” and 1-1/4”Step 2: Slide the PEX crimp ring and over the tubing approximately 2” past the end.Step 3: If you’re using an Everhot PXT3101 decrimper, use a quick switch knob to select the PEX tubing sizeTo ensure you have a smooth and even cut, position the cutter at 90 degrees to the tubingStep 6: Position the PEX crimp tool over the crimp ring evenly, at 90-degrees to the tubing c3545f6b32

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